Monday, January 29, 2007

Update on the baby!

We went in for a 21-week ultrasound today and the baby looked great! Heartbeat was 146 bpm, growth was great, and the little bugger weighed 15 ounces. We were also able to find out that we will be adding another little lady to the family! I can't believe that Darsie is going to have a baby sister!

Blood pressure has been behaving. I am not taking it daily as my doctor kind of laughed at me when I told her I was. I'm taking a dose of low-dose aspirin and my prenatals daily and trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water. This little one is soooo active, even the ultrasound tech commented on it.

Darsie is very leery of becoming a big sister. When asked if she wants a baby, she always says no. Any good books or suggestions on warming her up to the idea?

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abby said...

Let's hear it for 21 weeks and going strong. We have every single possible limb crossed for you guys and think that Darsie is going to be a fabulous big sister.