Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is that a dog?

When we go out shopping or whatnot, I put D in her stroller or in the shopping cart and wear Elise in a Moby wrap. I don't know if people are just morons or if where we live is really so ass backwards that they've never seen anyone wear a baby except in a bjorn, but I;ve been asked a multitude of times if it is a dog. Next time I'm going to reply "Yes, a mini pinscher that will bite your nipples off."


Angel The Alien said...

So, these people usually carry their dogs in Moby wraps? Hmm. Interesting. ;)

Awesome Mom said...

I live in a supposedly progressive area with all sorts of crunchy babywearing types and I still get looks when I use my sling.

Sara said...

Hmmmm, so people carry dogs in slings now, huh? More so than babies??

Weirdos out there.