Monday, June 04, 2007

A Weekend to Remember

Yesterday we took Elise on her first boating trip to a quaint little Nordic town known as Poulsbo. She really liked the boat, or rather the rocking and the sound of the muffled engine and water hitting the hull because she slept through the whole trip, waking only to eat. Darsie is a boat addict, so we always know she will have a good time.

Besides our weekend trip, everyone is doing well. Elise last weighed in at 5lbs. 3oz., so my milk is treating her well. She still isn't nursing that well (off and on), so I ordered a nipple shield in hopes that that will give her more "structure" to get started with. She sleeps 98% of the time and only screams bloody murder when she is super starved.

Darsie is a pulsating monster. She is climbing, running away, eating, and buzzing nonstop. It is a fun stage but very trying, too. We ordered her a Kettrike Junior last week and are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I am running on fumes and my brain is suffering. I need to remember to eat and sleep more. I am down to about 115 pounds and a size 3 with muffin tops, but am happy to be going down. My pre-preg weight was 107, so we are getting closer!


Anonymous said...

and you are how old and how tall with that weight? I am 14 and weigh 119 and thats a healthy weight for ME! you need to put some meat on your bones!

Swistle said...

Holy crow, you make beautiful children.

Jennifer said...

So adorable!!! I love these two little munchkin miracles!

Kim said...

Swistle definitely said it best. Those girls are gorgeous.

If you need any help with the nipple shield, email me. I have TONS of experience with those darn things!