Monday, July 16, 2007

My Link "Policy"

I link to lots of blogs (see Other Cool Kids and Other Blogs I Read). While I LOVE links to my blog, I don't check to see if each of these blogs link back to me nor do I care if they do. I link to sites that I enjoy visiting and that I find interesting. But there are FOUR things about linking that I absolutely cannot stand:

1. Blogs without a list of links that ask me to link to their blog (especially when they have a GAZILLION Google Ads). I don't mind ads (heck, I have them, too!) but don't expect my visitors to go to a dead end stop at your site. I know all about web logistics, Jeff runs e-commerce sites for a living. My lingo may be off, but I understand how it works. If I share my web traffic with you, I expect you to share it others, too.

2. People who put the URL to their blog in other people's comment section to drive traffic to their site (I guess this only applies to Blogger users). If I (or other people) think you sound interesting, they'll click on your name to go visit your blog. Don't use MY comments to direct traffic to your site. I delete these comments.

3. Asking for donations.

4. Doing all of the above.


Katy said...

Stumbled across your site while researching information on brain bleeds. My son, born full-term, had a grade four bleed. I was wondering if your daughter was ever placed on Phenabarb? Did she receive EEGs? I realize your blog starts after Darcie's NICU stay so I was wondering if you were willing to share this information.

Shannon said...

Hi Katy!

No, Darsie was never put on Phenobarb as she is seizure free. She has had a couple of EEGs, but only when she was in the NICU. She failed one and passed the one given on her release date. Please feel free to ask any additional questions.

Katy said...

By passed, do you mean it was "normal?" My son has never had a seizure, but they are keeping him on Phenobarb because his test showed abnormal activity--not seizures--jut not normal. How long was Darsie in the NICU? We were in the hospital 35 days, so I think some of the bleeding issues are still resolving.


Shannon said...

Hi Katy,

Yes, by passed, I mean the second results were normal. Sorry about that. Darsie was in the hospital just over two months. I'm sorry, I don't know the exact day count but she came home right before Thanksgiving and she was born September 19th. How old is your son now?

Take care!

Nowheymama said...

You keep reminding me that I need to update my list of links. *Adding to to-do list*

Katy said...

Charlie is not quite six weeks. We haven't been home a week yet, but I'm little overwhelmed by the whole brain bleed thing. The Drs. said he'd definitely have cerebral palsy, so I was trying to get a hold on the whole thing. Your site makes me hopeful.

Shannon said...

Hi Katy,

Was his bleed bilateral or unilateral?

My recommendation to you is to keep a close eye on him and to call your nearest Early Intervention center to get your son under their radar, if he isn't already. The earlier you can get our kids into therapy, the better (at least that is my belief). Darsie start before she hit one and I know our center rarely sees kids before 16-24 months. Kids are amazing resilient creatures. Keep in touch and feel free to ask any questions. I am an open book when it comes to Darsie's cp and her treatments.

By the way, I LOVE the name Charlie!

Lisa said...

Shannon, Sorry to use your comments to speak with Katy... I'm sure that would also go on your list. ;)

Katy, My son was on phenobarb for "abnormal activity". You can contact me through my profile page, if you like.

Laura said...

Seeing as I am techie inept and have no idea really how to link or how to add links... I am guessing I'm okay then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies
Hope you do not mind me joing in, i just need to chat to other mom's with "problem children" , my baby girl was on phenabard for seizures until October 2006 - the doc then put her unto eplim which i stopped - because i started chiense medicine no seizures noted since january 2007 - shes cerebral palsy - hang in their mom i know its hard but our babies are ANGELS . they are blessings to us, wish i could do and say more to you