Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remodel 101

Jeff and I (mainly Jeff because I was either pregnant, in the hospital, or recovering during much of this) just finished remodeling a house that we had previously rented out for a couple of years. Below is a photo comparison of before and afters. I think he did a great job (though I will admit the exterior colors are what we did our own house in, so we kind of cheated there...but they look great together!). It is listed and up on the MLS for everyone viewing pleasure (or buying pleasure). Anyways, here goes:

A lovely "yellow" color before...
to Nantucket Gray (kind of a gray green) with Ultra White trim and a Red Rock front door (all Benjamin Moore colors, although you can have other companies mix them for you). The ivy is trimmed back and part of the deck rebuilt. We did some additional landscaping (you can't see it in this photo and cleaned up/repaired the roof).
Lovely panelling....

Painted white and the carpets pulled up and the wood beneath it refinished.
The house had new cabinets when we bought it but a hideous green formica countertop..

To new vinyl flooring, new tile countertop, and brand new appliances.
A very funky bathroom...
A new tub, toilet, bath, tile surround, floor, etc. etc.
A dinghy bonus room (converted garage)

New carpet and vinyl.

A trashed back yard..much cleaned up.
Back door.

Cleaned up and new hardware/light.


Nowheymama said...

Dear Shannon and Jeff,

Please come renovate our house.

Swistle said...

Wow, that is beautiful. I love before and after photos.

Sarah said...

May I send Jeff my own honey-do list? It involves lots of small, annoying tasks which no contracting company wants to be bothered with (and certainly no husbands I know!)

Angela said...

Wow, awesome job! It reminds me of those shows I like to watch on TLC!!! Simply gorgeous!