Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cerebral Palsy and Constipation

We didn't go to Hollyridge today because D was struggling to poop from 7-8am and then fell asleep. She has been napping for almost three hours at this point.

D has struggled with constipation since I stopped pumping/breastfeeding her...at about 8 months. When she was first born and in the hospital, the nurses were giving her formula for awhile because she was having digestion issues. She was on formula then, too. Now she is on whole milk and whatever else she gets during the day and she is still constipated. I feel like I have tried everything and none of the doctors have been able to give her any relief.

I'm just feel so horrible for her when she is in pain and pushing so hard. Does anybody have ANY suggestion? I feel like I need to start at the beginning of the list of "solution" again.

I've read that constipation can be related to the cerebral palsy, but what about a solution, what about some relief?


WriterGrrl said...

Two of my four kids have constipation issues, and we simply give those kids a daily dose of prune juice. The 6-year-old, who only drinks water, gets about 2 ozs after school, and the 16-month-old, who is an apple juice freak, gets a prune-apple cocktail twice a day. My ped also recommends Miralux, but I've never tried it.

Kathleen said...

Is she okay now with it as she is older...and what do they think of psyllium for youngsters?

Shannon said...

Darsie, now 3.5, still struggles with constipation, to a degree. I've found in the last year or so, that a daily dosing of yogurt (like Activia or Yoplait Plus) helps wonders. We try to keep her milk intake down and that does help. I'm putting together a post about cp at 3.5 that should be up soon, so I'll talk more about it there.