Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Every Tuesday D and I make the 30-minute trek to Bremerton to attend Little Tykes at Hollyridge. There, D gets to interact with other little ones that have developmental delays as well. While I like going, it also is a bit of a downer. D is the only one that doesn't crawl and most of the other ones walk as well. But, it is a good place and it is fun for D. Today she got to ride on a bouncy horse, work on balancing on a suspended platform, eat carrots, and play with bubbles.

We scheduled her 6-month Hollyridge review for the 7th of February. She also has one with University of Washington coming up on March 1st. These reviews are such a double edged sword. I love that through them she will get the help that she needs but it is so tough hearing about your child's issues. At D's last UW assessment she got the CP diagnosis...maybe that is why I am dreading these reviews so much. Also, I was looking at her "goals" today and the only one she has fulfilled is being able to hold her own bottle.

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