Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mr. Larry

Every Thursday, D and I make a 30-minute trek in the opposite direction to Gig Harbor where she goes to Peninsula Pediatric Therapy to see Mr. Larry, her physical therapist. In the beginning, D would have nothing to do with him, but she has slowly warmed up. He is very patient which her and lets her take her own time getting used to him. It is wonderful. He lets her come in a little early to see another little guy do his therapy and I think this helps D see that it can be fun and exciting.

Today, they worked mainly on right hand use and also kneeling. It is hard for D to get into a hands and knee position because of stability issues in her right arm/hand. She is able to bear weight on it, it is just difficult. She was having a glorious time opening and closing a toy barn and playing with the different figures.

Our homework for the week is to practice lots of kneeling and to massage her right hand to try to get her thumb to loosen up again. For some reason, it is tight again.

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