Friday, January 27, 2006

Great NEWS!!!

Every Friday morning at 9 Darsie receives occupational therapy in our house from a wonderful woman named Diane. Diane works through the Washington Elks Therapy Program. In the past few months there has been another organization trying to get the Elks to invest the money they put towards the therapy program towards helping to build a pediatric neurology building. For awhile, I was told that the continuation of the therapy program did not look so promising. Many of the families involved emailed or sent letters and photos trying to get this program continued. It really does provide a valuable resource to many in our community. It is a free service and fills in the gaps when children cannot get therapy through the regular channels (like D..who was on a waiting list for over six months before we heard of The Elks).

Anyways, sll of the involved lodges voted and met last Friday at a big convention and it passed that the therapy program will continue for at least another year. HOORAY!

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