Friday, May 02, 2008

At long last.

I started this quilt over a year and a half ago, originally intended for my unborn baby girl Elise. It sat, and sat, and she was born, and I forgot about it, and it sat, and it sat, etc.. I finally pulled it out, grabbed some fabric for the binding and finished it this morning.

But, it doesn't fit Elise at all. If I was going to make a quilt for her, it would NOT be pink. It would be orange and turquoise or something not so, princessy. She is rough and tumble.

So, anyways, do you think it would be horrible if I sent it to a college friend who recently had a baby?

Baby R Quilt

One of these days I'm going to make a quilt for myself because after looking at the photos I took of this quilt, I want to keep it for myself. Once a bridesmaid, always a bridesmaid is kind of how I feel about quilting. I love it but I have never kept one for myself.


Pickles and Dimes said...

So pretty! I say to go ahead and send it to your college friend. Then make one for yourself or one that's more suited to Elise.

(I'm feeling that same 'I want it for myself' with the scarf I'm working on. It's looking so cool, but it's so intricate and I know once I give this to my aunt I'll never be inclined to make one for myself.)

Katy said...

ooohhh. . . send it if you don't think it's for Elise. It's just beautiful!

Gotta tell you, I am loving your whole hand-made toy business. I'm getting to the point where I hate the plastic stuff. I'm waiting to get invited to an older kid's birthday party so i can buy one of those pizzas.

Shannon said...

It's beautiful! Better to make one that you think fits Elise then look at it and wish you had. I say give if you wish.

I've tagged you for a random facts thingy. Enjoy if you like.

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, it's beautiful. I think it would be awesome of you to gift to a friend. You can always make a different one for Elise. And do it, make one for yourself too!

I especially loved all the baby gifts of homemade blankets that we got. They are the most special. My aunt made an AWESOME quilt that my son still loves. (She has mad sewing skills like you.)

Swistle said...

DEFINITELY it's good to send it to your friend. It's not like it's a re-gift (although I'm fine with re-gifts, too).

CAQuincy said...

Beautiful. So the question is--are you in the mood to make another one for Elise? If so, give away! It it gorgeous and will be much appreciated!

My grandmother recently got sick of the "always a quilt-maker and never the receiver" schtick and just made herself her own quilt. She's 77.