Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Good Ol' Fashioned DIY

We've been busy lately. We still have TONS of things left to do (the never ending To Do list) but we're really crossing things off.

The bathroom has been started! Here is the new color. It is a lot darker than the blue, but I think some big mirrors will help break it up. I think we'll also go with some white matted black and white print over the tub, so that should help, too. Now, to figure out the window treatment.

We stained and rehung the railing to the bonus room upstairs. It matches the new mantle.

We (the majority of work went to Jeff) removed the old door (it was too shallow thanks to Home Depot ordering the wrong depth of door initilly) and hung the new one. It is so nice to have a door the right depth and not be looking at Tyvek when watching TV.

Purchased, stained, and hung a mantle. Obviously we still need to tile round the fireplace but it is looking better. I'm thinking of putting some of those candles that aren't candles on the mantle.

Kind of hard to see, but we hung our house numbers finally, too. The yard is slated to be graded, scraped, and hydroseeded in the next couple of weeks. Hooray!

In OTHER news, the Preeclampsia Quilt is 3/4 quilted. I'm going to finish it up this week and then get to the binding. I think I might need some recommendations on binding colors but I will post about that when I'm getting ready to bind it.


Pickles and Dimes said...

It's all coming together so nicely - yay! Can't wait to see the finished results.

Mommy Daisy said...

Things are looking good. I love when home improvement projects start coming together like that. I like the new wall color. And the mantle, rail, and door all look great!

Nowheymama said...

You guys make me tired! Home improvements! Quilting! Starting your own Etsy shop! Giveaways! Working! Child rearing! *And* you want to start growing produce!?


I'm sorry I've been so behind on all of your activities. But I'm finally using Google Reader, so no more!

How is the Etsy shop going, by the way?