Monday, May 12, 2008

I bought paint.

I bought paint yesterday at Home Depot. It is kind of this gray/green/brown color. The name is Spartan Stone and I'm excited about it. Stupidly, I somehow volunteered myself to paint the bathroom. Jeff will have to do the ceiling but I'm in charge of the rest.

My mother's day was great. Elise slept through the night for the first time ever and miraculous, Darsie slept through the same night. Jeff got up with the girls and I got to sleep until 8. EIGHT! As in two hours after I normally get up. WAHOOOO. I got a lovely lovely note from my husband decorated lovingly with what my husband called "my special stickers" and it was Darsie's idea. Inside was a great gift certificate to a fabric store.

This weekend was DIY extreme camp here. We had to replace a door onto our back deck because when we originally ordered it, Home Depot first ordered a door two feet to short. Second, they ordered it in 2x4 and we have 2x6 framing. So, a year later, we ordered the right door and we installed it. I say, but I was more in the cheerleader role and the cleaner role than installer. That would be Jeff. Anyways, we have a door that extends the whole width of the wall instead of two inches shy.

We also went to the dump.

It was a good weekend.


Katy said...

Can't wait to see the paint1

What does one do at the dump?

Pickles and Dimes said...

I CAN'T wait to see photos!

We put off going to the recycling center for almost TWO YEARS to recycle some old computer-related junk.

It was a 10-minute drive, and we were done dumping everything in 30 seconds.

Mommy Daisy said...

The paint color sounds nice.

Yeah for a great Mother's Day.