Friday, April 28, 2006

Dare I Say.....

I think that our aforementioned sleep issues have been solved, or at least remedied. It seems that if we are extremely diligent to give D a warm bottle of milk right before we transfer her from our bed to her crib, that she will more than likely sleep through the night (we have yet achieved 100% perfection). The last couple of nights she has also slept without pants or socks (or a combination of the two). I really do think that D prefers to sleep a bit on the cooler side, much like her papa.

On a much more "Spring" note, the family has taken a walk each night this week after dinner. It has been SO nice for papa to leave when it is light outside and to have time after he comes back to eat dinner AND take a walk! I am so excited about summer and our nightly walks. Last night we even finished the walk off with popsicles in papa's recliner. The princess had to have access to BOTH flavors because just lime or just strawberry would not satisfy her!

I'm going to try to find a good popsicle mold so we can make our own here at home, but these 100% fruit ones are pretty tasty!

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful picture! I have one just like it of me and my dad at about the same age.

Happy Amblin'