Monday, April 24, 2006

A Perfect Weekend

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Washington. Jeff worked hard on Saturday so we only had to do a couple of things on Sunday and then we were off to enjoy ourselves! After we mowed and seeded the lawn we spread a blanket out on the grass and just relaxed in the beautiful Spring air. Later during the day we went and picked up lunch and then went down to the water to picnic and put our toes in the sand. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazying around, taking naps, and watching shows on TV. And last evening Jeff and I had a great date night complete with steak, shrimp, wine, and a movie at the theatre! I could not have asked for a better day with my family.

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SXYMMA said...

Hi! You don't know me....I searched for micropreemie blogs and came across yours. I also had a micropreemie back in August!! He was born at 26 weeks, 6 days and weighed only 1lb, 4oz! He also has been diagnosed with CP - although they don't know the extent of it yet. Anyways...visit my blog if you want to see pictures or whatever. I'll bookmark your page if you don't mind!