Thursday, April 13, 2006


Today, D went to PT with Mr. Larry. Since the other PT was there today as well, they told me to leave D with them and go get a coffee or go shopping. What?? Leave my baby that is attached to me and that I'm also attached to? Of course I trust both Larry and Johanna 100% with D but the thought of leaving her had just never ever occurred to me. I'm so used to just going into her therapy and actively participating. It was just a really strange thing to leave her there with them and go shopping.

I ended up going to Target and buying a new swimsuit for myself for D's hydrotherapy (we missed this Monday's session because D has been a bit under the weather). When I got back to Larry's to pick D up, she smiled soooooooo huge when she saw me that it just melted my heart. It totally sucked leaving her there but coming back completely made up for it. I knew in that instant that she saw me that she had been both completely fine and that she is totally in love with me.

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