Thursday, April 20, 2006

High-Fives and Blowing Kisses

D is still making great progress. I love these times where she is rapidly developing and dread the ones where we seem stuck in a stand still for weeks.

She has learned to give five and has learned to blow kisses (somewhat and when she is in the mood). She has learned the power of the sign for "more". She has (I'm totally jinxing myself here) slept through the night three nights in a row. She loves to drink strawberry, peach, banana smoothies with papa.

Therapy is going well, too. She can now put wooden dowels into holes, something she couldn't do at her last developmental review. After an air splint treatment she can pick things up with her right hand. Her right hand overall is much looser and usable and she is really trying to use it as an assist hand now.

She is still the same frustrated girl, but I have found that if I let her push her wagon walker around when she gets upset, she tends to calm down.

She seems to have gotten older, too. Everywhere we go, if someone hasn't seen her for a couple of weeks, they always say how much bigger and older she looks. I can't believe that she is 19 months old!!!

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