Monday, April 03, 2006

Just Because I Needed Some Awwwww Factor Today

D's first REAL bath when she was 4 weeks old

And then another bath, but this time just a few days ago at 18 months.

It is just amazing to me how much of a difference there is. Yes, true, there is 17-months between the two photos. But she went from being the most beautiful itty bitty in the world to be a gorgeous almost crawling toddler.

Yeah Darsie!!! We love you!!!

If you want to see more of these old pics before I get around to blogging about them, visit My DH has done an excellent job about keeping a visual journal of D. We were much better in the beginning, but it is my fault since I'm supposed to supply him with the photos. I've got them, I just need to resize, etc...


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Hi Shannon, I saw your post on Dooce. Thought I'd stop by your page to say hello. I can totally relate to the NOT sleeping through the night situation. Email me when you can. We should chat. My son was born prematurely as well. Isn't it amazing how they GROW and MATURE right before our eyes! WOW.