Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Won't Stop Blogging!!

I won't let some random person stop me from telling our story. I think what upset me the most is that he was/is trying to earn money by using my posts to attract visitors. I emailed the company whose services he was using and they forwarded my email on to him. He informed me that it was my RSS feed that he was simply pulling and utilizing and that it was MY fault for publishing an RSS feed in the first place. So, I pulled my RSS feed. I'm sorry to anybody who was reading this site through feeds before.

If anybody wants me to e-mail them when I publish a new post, I would be more than happy to do so.

You can email me at

We've been super busy with the house construction (foundation is being done currently) and I took a real estate salesperson license exam today and PASSED!!! I had to go to Seattle to take it (which meant getting up at 5 AM) but Jeff and I were able to have lunch together and Darsie was able to spend time with her grandparents.

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liz.mccarthy said...

Wow, crappy indeed...I was going to put a new post alert feed on my blog, but glad I decided against it!

I loved Darsie's hair cut pictures! So cute. Thanks for the link to my blog!