Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Larry Today...

D had another low fever today, so I didn't take her Mr. Larry's for PT. Instead I let her sleep.

She is wanting to be up and about as much as possible these days and is fighting sleep like a baby monster. Last night she was up until 10:30 when we decided that maybe her teeth hurt her and gave her some tylenol. She was asleep within poor minutes. These babies need a little window on their foreheads that tell their parents what they need. I'm normally pretty good about figuring it out (and she is good about pointing and saying yes and no) but for some reason we were not clicking on the whole "I'm in pain, mama" thing last night. I felt horrible but she fell asleep quickly lying on my chest. She even slept all night long in her own crib. She is a beautiful angel.

On a brighter note. This weekend my husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary by spending one fabulous night at the place where we took our mini-moon before the honeymoon last year. We went to Belize to dive for our real honeymoon but we could't leave Darsie in June so we went in November. This is where we went on our mini-moon and will be returning to on Saturday -

They have a french press for coffee or tea in every room.


If you are ever in Western Washington on the Hood Canal and have some extra money to blow, I highly recommend a couple nights at the Alderbrook. It is serene, beautiful, relaxing, and deluxe.

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