Friday, June 09, 2006

More on Kinesio

Diane, D's OT, is going out of town next week, so she taught me how to do Darsie's kinesio tapings today! She even left her book of different tapings for me to peruse and see if I think any of the techniques would be better suited for D. I'm also planning on taking the book with me to Darsie's PT and seeing if he thinks we are doing the correct ones. So, my plan for the blog is to do a detailed photographic "journey" on how to do D's tapings (to the best of my abilities) and then also to scan the book so it is in my possession and I can share/use it as necessary.

I'm sitting here typing this with D's tapings on me. It is so cool to feel what Darsie would be feeling. You can definitely feel a light and continuous pull from the tape.

Diane left different colored tape, too. So, it may be time to get creative!!

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