Friday, May 09, 2008

Paint my bathroom.

Help me. Please.

I need some ideas on improving the state of my bathroom.

Here is the evidence:
This has GOT to go. Jeff hates it. The tub surround and the trim work, that has yet to be installed, are all painted Ultra Pure White. Everything else (granite and tile) is variations of cream, tan, brown, with a touch of gray.

What do you think for mirrors? Should I go framless? Should I match the brushed nickel? Should I go for wood? Or black?

Would you put up a window treatment? How about some sort of "art" for the wall above the bath tub?

Thank you.


CAQuincy said...

Cripes! Your bathroom looks 100 TIMES BETTER than mine! Which has powder blue tiles on ALL the walls, powder blue tub, and a powder blue TOILET. Where the blue tiles stop, the walls are painted WHITE. We found a chocolate brown/blue rug which helps kill SOME of the blue. Am thinking of buying some tan/chocolate paint to help.

So, um, basically I'm envious that you have a much newer, nicer bathroom than mine. And that we can't afford to pull out all those @#$% tiles and set ours RIGHT.

(The spare bathroom is even worse. It's got a TEAL toilet.)

Help you? Help ME!!!

I HATE being poor and completely CLUELESS about decorating.

Sarah said...

I'm thinking something gauzy at the windows, with a brushed nickel decorative curtain rod to go with the other fixtures in the bathroom. Or did you say brushed silver? Now I forget. But one of those. And I would actually do a shade of purple in that room, probably kind of a muted eggplant rather than violet shade. I think it's big enough and airy enough to handle a strong color, and I love warm purple shades against warm tan shades. However, it's possible that in real life the shades of the stone are very different than they look in the picture, so if this color choice sounds absolutely heinous, feel free to say, "Hell no!"
I would vote not to do a frameless mirror. Those always look a little blah to me. Not BAD or anything, but something with a frame or a shape has more style.

Also, did I mention that I too am jealous of your sunken tub and big window and just the NEWNESS of it all? Our bathroom was redone a few years ago, but in a very Basic White way, not all fancy shmancy. Me want!

Katy said...

I would pull a color from the tile and do that, or if you would prefer dark, chocolate or charcoal. I tend to be a little dramatic, though. I don't love the frameless mirrors although you do seem to have a streamline thing going on, so it would work. I'd probably opt for a chunky brushed metallic.

For bathroom windows i tend to lean towards roman shades and a valance. This way you get light control, but you don't have anything that could potentially hang in you tub or get too mildewy. Is that a word?

For art, they say nothing that would be damaged by moisture. I think maybe blowing up some pictures you've taken yourself and doign them sepia or black and white depending on the other colors. That way, if they don't take moisture well then you're only out whatever it cost you to have them enlarged. I'd frame them to match the mirror.

Gosh, I am really freakin' opinionated about someone else's bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I think a frameless mirror would look nice. Or a framed one if the brushed nickel frame was thin. And art, yes. I love art in the bathroom, seriously.

Pickles and Dimes said...

How about monkeys? :)

I think a brushed nickel mirror would look awesome, and I definitely would like to see a piece of art in the bathroom, as long as it's protected from moisture.

Are you painting the walls? Hm, blue and brown go well together if it's the right shade, but maybe a nice sage green?

bettyninja said...

I have to agree with everyone else that your bathroom looks pretty darned nice. But, if you are fixing it up some I say big mirror that has a frame which matches the nickel.

A very simple modern window treatment would suit the colors (nickel) well I think.

You do need something on the empty wall next to the window. it is hard with bathrooms because the wetness might ruin photographs. Maybe some pretty fabric stretched over a canvas?

Hope that helps, I am sure what ever you choose will look very nice!

Mommy Daisy said...

It's a lovely bathroom. I love brushed nickel. That's what I chose for our bathroom fixtures too. I like the idea of using that for a mirror accent too. I'm bad at window treatments, so no advice there. And I think a framed art piece would look cute on the wall there.