Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Etsy Pick #10

Have I got something cool for you all today (and by the way, I think I just realized that I use "cool" waaayyyyyy too often, I also use "so" too much). Anyways, I digress.

We built our house as an investment and plan to move on to the next project in a few years. What does this mean? No painting anything crazy colors or neat (I almost used cool) murals on the walls for the girls. Basically, we need to keep things in a manner that would appeal to a wide mass of people.

Until now. I found these GREAT wall graphics by Elly Nelly.

How great are these dots or this paisley design? Do you know a kid that wouldn't like geckos on his/her wall? I think this tree graphic might just be my favorite though.

I know of a few blank walls in my house that could benefit from these.


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