Sunday, November 04, 2007

From here until Christmas...

I'm going to post cool items from Etsy. I LOVE Etsy. Seriously, I mean where else can you find such a collection of cool items, HANDMADE items? Nowhere, that is where.

Ok, so my first item from Etsy is created by the lovely and fabulous Kara (also the blogger at Baa Baa Black Sheep). She creates awesome acrylic, watercolor, etc. paintings. I'd like to buy Sneak myself, I just have to figure out where it would go.

I hope she doesn't mind if I put one of her images here.

So, anyways, my Etsy pick of the day: KaraRee


Anonymous said...

Oh, I really like her stuff! My favorite is the one with all the little houses.

Black Sheeped said...

Oh man, I am SO MAD. :) Thanks so much! That was really nice. Isn't Etsy super addictive? I'm excited to see all the fun things you find!