Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Etsy #20

I don't know about your household, but in ours, octopuses (octopi?) reign supreme. Darsie has one stuffed creature that she adores...and it is an octopus dubbed "legs". When I saw these, I just thought they were cool, although they may be one of the strangest Etsy picks to date. Check out bunny X productions for interesting polymer creations.


Prior Etsy Picks

#1 KaraRee's Shop - the loveliest original acrylic, watercolor, and mixed-media creations

#2 Sudlow - the most gorgeous, beautiful, creative jewelry

#3 Seabreezestudio - great handmade purses, card holders, zippered pouches, etc.

#4 Mikeatron's - hilarious art prints

#5 Small Beans - adorable children's items

#6 Marymee Studio - beautiful ceramics

#7 Off Woodland Lane or Sign Language - family signs

#8 You and Your Little Brother - Funky stuffed creatures

#9 Annie's Sweatshop - eco-friendly dog accessories

#10 Elly Nelly - wall graphics

#11 Wooden Toys

#12 Serendipity: Beyond Design - wedding organization

#13 felted wool brooches - just what the "name" implies.

#14 Kneehighs-n-Pigtails Jewelry - beautiful jewelry

#15 Geek Gear - Mason Jar Night Lights

#16 PhatSheep - contemporary textile accessories

#17 studio m. - art prints

#18 Lemons and Lollis - sweet aand delectable kid duds.

#19 bloodybunny - lanyards, key holders, and other neat items


Black Sheeped said...

Etsy is so addictive.

In answer to your question--unless you have really good ventilation in your bathroom, and I mean REALLY good, I'd stay away from putting up anything done on paper or fabric, because bathroom humidity can really cause art to get icky. But, have you looked at art tiles? I don't have a place to tell you to go, but I know somewhere I've seen neat art done on tiles, that I imagine would be perfect for the bathroom setting.

Kim said...

Would you please stop helping me drain my paypal account?!?!!?