Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just call me personal shopper extraordinaire!

Sarah over at No Whey Mama asked about wooden toys. You know, I hadn't even THOUGHT about wooden toys for some reason. I love wooden toys. I prefer them over plastic stuff (who wouldn't?). We used to have a lot of wooden stuff but our other dog chewed them all up. It just seems like they emit a lot more life than plastic toys. It doesn't solve the lead issue, because who really knows these days, you know, but still, they are awesome.

So, here is a small collection of wooden toys that I think are neat over at Etsy.

Fire Breathing Dragon Puzzle

Spinning Tops


Baby Rattle



Double Flipper - this store has TONS of cool toys


Hanukkah Square Roots Wooden Play Tiles


Prior Etsy Picks

#1 KaraRee's Shop - the loveliest original acrylic, watercolor, and mixed-media creations

#2 Sudlow - the most gorgeous, beautiful, creative jewelry

#3 Seabreezestudio - great handmade purses, card holders, zippered pouches, etc.

#4 Mikeatron's - hilarious art prints

#5 Small Beans - adorable children's items

#6 Marymee Studio - beautiful ceramics

#7 Off Woodland Lane or Sign Language - family signs

#8 You and Your Little Brother - Funky stuffed creatures

#9 Annie's Sweatshop - eco-friendly dog accessories

#10 Elly Nelly - wall graphics


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Those are really cool! Thx for sharing.

Nowheymama said...

Oh, thank you Personal Shopper! What great finds!