Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Great Weekend...

We've had another beautiful weekend here in Washington. It wasn't quite as warm as the week was and we actually had quite a "coastal" morning here today (misting, fog, whatnot). We had a lazy breakfast and Jeff worked on some repairs around the house and then we had a couple that we have been friends with for a couple years over. Today we went to the shelter in Shelton and we brought home a pupster. So far she seems to be a top notch dog. She has two faults so far: 1. She likes to jump. 2. She thinks that she sleeps on our bed. She is extemely patient with Darsie so far and even let D stick her fingers in her eye. She is a lovey girl and so far a pleasure to be around. Her name is Maisie (it was Bear at the shelter but it just didn't suit her).

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