Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Great Weekend...

We've had another beautiful weekend here in Washington. It wasn't quite as warm as the week was and we actually had quite a "coastal" morning here today (misting, fog, whatnot). We had a lazy breakfast and Jeff worked on some repairs around the house and then we had a couple that we have been friends with for a couple years over. Today we went to the shelter in Shelton and we brought home a pupster. So far she seems to be a top notch dog. She has two faults so far: 1. She likes to jump. 2. She thinks that she sleeps on our bed. She is extemely patient with Darsie so far and even let D stick her fingers in her eye. She is a lovey girl and so far a pleasure to be around. Her name is Maisie (it was Bear at the shelter but it just didn't suit her).

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Anonymous said...

I can't decide whose cuter, Darcy or the puppy!

We have a lab type dog and with some pretty basic training they are really great with kids.

My youngest stepbrother used to torment our poor dog and she never ever got agressive in anyway shape or form.