Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chicken Parmigiana

As per my earlier-in-the-week post about family dinners, here was last night's choice - Chicken Parmigiania (ala Tyler Florence @ Food Network).

I put only a small handful of kalamata olives because Jeff doesn't care for them. I'm glad I made this choice as they are REALLY salty and the flavor of a chunk of olive is just so different from the rest of the meal. It was good with a decent bite of chicken, but otherwise it was...too opposite.

I loved the hand crushed tomato sauce, just be careful when crushing them. I ended up spraying a wall in the kitchen with the juice. So, I learned to poke my thumb into the tomato before squishing it.

My husband enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and the dog enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure it will be on a future menu.

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