Monday, May 22, 2006

Wanting to Walk

D is at a very interesting stage in her development where she cannot walk without assistance but she WANTS TO WALK. We can't carry her anywhere without her desperately trying to wriggle her way out of our arms and onto the floor/ground/dirt, where we are. We can't sit with her in our laps at the couch without her pushing her way to the floor to cruise on the furniture. Basically, if she isn't on her feet, eating, sleeping, playing; she is trying to get to the floor to walk.

Her push wagon from Radio Flyer has been a godsend. Jeff will sit on one side of the living room and I will sit on the other. One of us will help D grasp the handle bar and send her off to the other side of the room. The deep concentration on her face is adorable. And she loves to run smack into everything and then giggle like a little maniac. I hope to catch some video of her soom.

She is also babbling constantly. It is so cute to hear her and see the look on her face. She is saying things, we just can't understand.

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