Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wanting Everyone's Opinion.

So, I was thinking today about the title of this blog - Cerebral Palsy Baby. I have finally gotten to a point where I know that CP doesn't define D, it doesn't define me, it doesn't define our family. Yes, it is and always will be a part of who we are and how we get to wherever we are going, but it is not who we are nor what we want to be.

I will continue to write about D, CP, therapy, and all that goes along with it. And these topics will remain the true gist of the blog. But, do you think the blog is ready for a new title?

Let me know what you all think. The URL of course will remain the same regardless.


ellie said...

Your blog's name was what first lead me to start reading it. I was desperate to find a mom facing a similar diagnosis or problems. In time, I realized that a diagnosis of CP means vastly different things to different people and that every child is unique. So, yes, if you feel that you need to change the name, why not? Enjoy choosing a new name!

Billie said...

The title of your blog IS how I found you. I googled "cerebral palsy baby." So, I am glad for that. Even so, I agree that a name change would be great, because Darsie is so much more than a CP baby.

I definitely hope you will continue to blog about the CP. Unfortunately I have found it difficult to find good information about CP and real stories about kids/babies like ours who have the diagnosis.

I would leave the current description "My thoughts about my daughter, her diagnosis with cerebral palsy, raising a micropreemie, how we got to this point, and everything else that goes with it" under whatever title you choose:)