Thursday, May 25, 2006

Go D, Go D!

Today D went to Mr. Larry's for PT and we had a great time! He said that D's right foot is looking much better and he had us leave the orthotic with him. No more orthotic! No more orthotic! She still has the neoprene hand splint and the air splint, but I am so happy that one of her braces is gone! I hope that she does well without and won't need one in the future.

My D is a very determined little girl. She kept walking Mr. Larry over to the outside door and wouldn't quit until he had taken her for a walk outside.

I'm ecstatic today!

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Tammy said...

That's wonderful.
I can tell you at almost three Joseph is doing so much better than when he first began OT and PT and had we started as early as you did with you daughter we might be done... you're doing great! Have a great weekend.