Friday, May 26, 2006

Kinesio Photos

Diane came again today and we are trying a couple of different applications of the kinesio tape. One goes from the elbow and over the thumb to help bring her arm into a neutral position as well as pull the thumb out a bit. Her fingers are always relaxed but she does have thumb abduction going on. Also, since Mr. Larry dumped the orthotic yesterday, Diane did a taping on D's leg which imitates what the orthotic did but without the sensory interruption.

The kinesio tape comes in a wide assortment of colors (today Diane had flesh and purple). We just went with the flesh because it is less noticeable and D didn't pull at it last week. I think the purple would call too much attention to her.


Tammy said...

Thanks so much for the pics. I just cant wait till Wednesday to talk to out PT/OT about this. I think it would be wonderful for Joseph. So so glad I found your blog.

Mel said...

The pictures are great. My CP son also uses the kinesio tape. It seems to really make a difference.

Unknown said...

Hi My name is Dena and I am the founder of the Cerebral Palsy Network. My daughter is 28 and I'm always looking for new things to keep her as flexable as possible. Could you share more about this where to get it what it does. Is there a limit on how much atrophy there is etc. I too live in Washington. Thanks.