Sunday, March 05, 2006


We've had a busy couple of weeks with D's yearly BIG developmental assessment at the University of Washington Center of Human Development. Previously she has met with just a physical therapist to assess her motor skills but as she turned one, this upped the ante significantly. This time around, D met with an audiologist, a pediatrician, and a psychologist.

Audiologist - D and I were taken into a sound proof room and various tones were played and then accompanied by a dancing bear in a box if she turned towards the noise. She did pretty well but we will be retesting her hearing in about three months. She is in the process of getting a tooth so they are pretty sure she has some congestion in her ear drum.

Pediatrician - At D's last assessment we were given the diagnosis of hemipalegic cerebral palsy and hypotonia. We were also informed that D was scrawny and we needed to up her caloric intake. So, of course, we were completely dreading this visit and what it could behold. We were only given good news by the pediatrician. D no longer had the significant stiffness in her hips that she had had at her previous visit and she had gained good weight and growth (although still small) and had fat deposits on the back of her arms and on her thighs.

Psychologist - The psychologist was to test D cognitively and on her motor skills. She scored normal as far as her cognitive skills go and is behind a few months on her motor skills, which we already knew.

So, all in all, a good assessment.

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nikki said...

Ihave a 3 and a hlaf year old with CP ( she can walk with a frame ) . Jess was borm at 36 weeks due to my pre eclampsia and I have just had another baby girl Abigail on the 15th April at 31 weeks due to Pre eclamsia at 2lbs 15 she should be home next week .
Reading your blogg reminds me of jess therapies . My Jess really is imazing and never seems to let her CP get in the way she always tries really hard and the other children seem to except her for who she is . I live in the UK
Take care