Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Splint...

Diane made a new hand splint for D to help her keep her thumb in the right spot. Currently, D tends to hold it inwards rather than relaxed. She also tends to not use it that much. So, with a little neoprene and some neoprene glue, Diane made D two new hand splints. I never would have thought that with the right knowledge, it could be so easy.

In the past I had purchased D a Joe Cool glove, but it was too big (I ordered the wrong size) and she needs just a bit more support to keep her thumb out. One of the girls in D's Hollyridge class has a Joe Cool splint and it works great for her. It is amazing how things that work for one person don't work for another.

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HannahL said...

I've just come your blog as I am researching for thumb splint for my little girl who has been diagnosed with trigger thumb. I would be most grateful if you could let me where I can get a similiar thumb splint as your daughter. I am based in England and I cannot seem to find a thumb splint as good as the one that your daughter used.

Grateful if you could get back to me.

Many thanks