Sunday, March 12, 2006

Inspiration - True Life Stories I

I love reading about what people with cerebral palsy and other ailments can achieve. It seems like so often that I hear of people who were once given a grim prognosis but have gone on to achieve miraculous feats. So, in an effort to share these stories that I come across, I introduce you to Inspiration - True Life Stories I.

Fighting cerebral palsy against odds
A 35-year old woman with cerebral palsy creates commercial web sites, has had several exhibitions of her art, and is a teacher...all while using a head pointer and being nearly immobile.

He still plays like the rest:' Cerebral palsy doesn't stop Canterbury teen
A 14-year old boy with cerebral palsy who plays soccer, baseball, and basketball. He had surgery when he was 10 so his feet would have normal function. Due to the cerbral palsy, his head is always turned towards the side and he catches balls with his fists and arms since he has trouble opening his hands.

Making History, One Day at a Time
Now a doctor, this woman's parents were once told she wouldn't live, then she would never talk, and finally that she wouldn't learn like other children. She is now the director at the cerebral palsy center at the St. Louis Children's Hospital and a faculty member at Washington University School of Medicine.

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