Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Face(s) of Cerebral Palsy

This is Darsie, my beautiful daughter, aged 17 months. She is one of the many faces of cerebral palsy (as you all know by now). But she is just one face in a sea of thousands of other who deal with cerebral palsy.

Please, if you have a blog or a web site about a person with cerebral palsy, send me the link. I want to create a unifying point of information and resources for people with questions. I can't begin to tell you how many people are led to my site with questions about cerebral palsy - whether it be how to weigh a person with cerebral palsy or even the question we dreadingly ask...does my baby have cerebral palsy?

This is my call for help from everybody and anybody who has something to give.


Anonymous said...

My daughter Alexis has cerebral palsy. Here is the website that tells her story.

Anonymous said...

Wow...does my baby have cerebral palsy?

That was EXACTLY the question that led me to your blog...and a very hard thing to type into that google box.


Your little darling is beautiful!

Looking forward to exploring more of your blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Elin from indonesia. I've search infromation about celebral palsy. I've a daughter. her age is one year old. She's diagnosed with spastic diplegia. which i search in google is always connected with CP. My daughter is have no problem with her hearing, holding thing. she just can't sit,crawl,and walk. My baby's face is not looking like other CP baby. And I've seen your baby is also beautiful. and we can't see if she has a cp problem. I wih you could share more with me, cause you've already been through this situation. I'm new here. My baby is still doing therapy for his motorik system