Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Group" Therapy

Today was Tuesday...and therefore, Hollyridge! D had a great time; she got to walk almost the entire time. Getting her to sit down for sensory play with playdough was..interesting! And then getting her to sit during snack was discouraging. What kid doesn't want mac n' cheese? She ate a bunch of crackers and drank her juice but just pushed away her noodles. I swear, she is a picky child!

Anyways, the class leaders had read the report from D's UW visit and they were all very excited! I think everyone is so impressed with how far D has come. She may not walk, she may not crawl, but she is an impressive force to reckon with. Everyone loves how she just goes and goes and goes.

Today was one of her friend's last day. She is moving up to the toddler class. It is sad to see so many of her friends go...but someday D will get in there with them and then watch out!

I scheduled D's hearing test for mid-April. The Hollyridge folks were sure it was just fluid on the ear drum or that she was distracted...just like the audiologist said. I'm glad everyone is on the same page.

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Anonymous said...

My CP kiddo hates the texture of any pasta- i understand :-)