Friday, March 17, 2006

No Diane Today

No Diane today…so I’m struggling with something to write. I think it might be a good day for a “ramble” post. So, here goes….

I think the hardest thing for me to deal with with D’s cerebral palsy is that she isn’t “normal”. When I was pregnant, I always dreamt that she would be an over-achiever, brilliant, ahead developmentally, and all those things that I think all parents dream of for their kids.

For us, circumstances changed. D was born early. D had a brain bleed. D has cerebral palsy. But you know what, my dreams have come true…just in a different way.

She is an over-achiever.  I have never seen a baby/toddler work harder at doing anything. You can see the determination in her eyes and her joy when she accomplishes something is wonderful and thrilling.

She is brilliant. She catches on to things so quickly. Just today she picked up the sign for bird. And the other day she learned the sign for sleep. She copies everything I do and can figure things out rapidly.

She may not be ahead developmentally, but she is an absolute joy and a perfect baby. She is my daily companion and one of my best friends, all while being my daughter. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have picked a better person to have as my child.


Anonymous said...

This is the best compliment a child could ever receive. She is brilliant and exceptional because she has a great model.

Kara Melissa said...

This is such an awesome post. I found your blog while looking up sites about CP because our son has CP. He is only 5 months old now, so I wanted to start at the beginning of your blog and see how things changed and developed for you over time. I am planning to send you an email, but I couldn't help but respond to this post because I know exactly how you feel, in my own way.