Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Why is getting a toddler to eat a healthy diet SO HARD?!?! It seems like D likes yogurt one week and then never again? The only constant things I can get her to eat are graham crackers, fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, and cheetos (as shown in the photos). Of course milk, too.

Am I giving her too much milk? Am I giving in too early and not forcing her to eat healthier? Should I be giving her vitamins?

I need some healthy snack ideas....anything, please!

At the same time, D is still small, so she needs snacks with lots of calories.

I'm going to have a 20-year old that will only eat cheetos.


Billie said...

My best suggestions are cheese crumbles, and avacados. My kids love both, and they are picky picky picky. To add calories, we have also worked on cooking their veggies in butter, then sprinkling with parmesean cheese. Cottage cheese would be good, but my girls hate it. Suggestions I have yet to try are chocolate pudding, and adding wheat germ or powdered milk to their food to add some calories. I am pulling my hair out most of the time trying to get them to eat, so I feel for you!

Anonymous said...

I can understand the problem with healthy food - we have to bribe Nathan.

One bite of healthy food before a bite of unhealthy (usually a cookie). It works most of the time.