Monday, March 27, 2006

More about BIRDS!

This past week I've been saving bread so we could go feed some birds. So, with bread in hand, the family headed out in our new car in search of birds. We had to go to TWO parks before we finally found some birds to feed at the third stop...and boy did we find a good quantity of birds, both seagulls and pigeons.

One of Jeff's favorite activities is feeding birds. I have fond memories of us on a vaction eating clam chowder and sourdough bread at a beach and him encouraging the seagulls to dive bomb me. However, we were all on our best behavior yesterday and the birds flocked to be fed. I thought D might be scared, but she actually was really into it. I think we will be back next weekend for some more bird action.

And a quick sleep update....Two nights slept all through the night, one night woke up at 2am, and last night slept through the night. So, in short 2-1-1.

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