Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Does My Child Have Cerebral Palsy?

Thinking that something may be wrong with your child is one of the scariest experiences. To me, it is close to actually getting a diagnosis.

We knew that D was delayed in her motor skills and we also knew that she had the IVH, but realizing that something was wrong and getting the diagnosis was a battle for us. We all want to think that we are raising the next MENSA member, or the next star athlete, or a concert cello player, so when the thoughts start coming that something just may not be right, it shakes our whole world. For us we knew that she had the IVH. The doctors in the NICU couldn't tell us at that point how it would affect her later in life and what she would be able to achieve, but we still had high hopes for her. So, when we went for her 8 month developmental assessment (adjusted age, not actual) we were pretty shocked when the diagnosis of cerebral palsy came in. Just hearing those words come out of a doctor's mouth seems like a death sentance. We definately had to do our research.

I think what has helped D the most is having a parent at home with her full time and also her therapy. Me being home with her and her therapy go hand in hand. There was no way that I could work full time and take her to all of her appointments. But, I think that also it helps her having as much one on one attention as humanly possible.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us but we also have a lot of hope. She tests normal cognitively and her motor skills are coming along. One of these days she is going to surprise us and take off running and there will be no stopping her.

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