Saturday, March 11, 2006

Therapy Updates....

As mentioned previously, D goes to physical therapy with Mr. Larry on Thursdays and Diane from the Washington State Elks Therapy Program comes to our house on Fridays to give D occupational therapy.

This week there aren't too many updates. D is working on walking and being upright on her feet with Mr. Larry. At the start of her session she was very upset and crying, but towards the end she got comfortable again and worked pretty well with him.

With Diane, D again did pretty well. She loves to go from activity to activity very rapidly and Diane is good at keeping up. Diane is making D a custom splint for her right hand because we've had a hard time finding just the right one for Darsie. We've tried a couple different ones and Diane thinks we should just go for the custom one this time around. So, we'll be doing a fitting on Monday morning with her for that.

Just this morning D was getting up on her knees a bit, so therapy is working! We've seen so much progress since she first started and continue to see her progress weekly.

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