Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let's do Resources....

If you know of a blog or write a blog about dealing with cerebral palsy in some form (whether it is you that has cerebral palsy, your child, etc.), let me know. I'd like to start a list of all of these blogs as I think they are invaluable resources.

Please, I don't want to add any blogs of lawyers who sue doctors, etc.. I want this to be about support, personal stories, personal experiences and not how much money some guy can get you.

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest the Cerebral Palsy Family Network. I'm pretty sure that the site is sponsored by lawyers, however from my own perspective it is actually run by some of the families. They have a great resource guide called the "Survivors Guide", which lists out CP-specific resources by geographic location. There's a wealth of information in there!