Saturday, March 18, 2006

More Baby Signs!

Just a quick baby brag post…..

Darsie has learned two new signs! Bird and Sleep!

Her newest and most favorite activity is bird hunting. Papa started it with her and now she is addicted. We go outside (or look out the window if it is cold or rainy) and search high and low for birds. Then, when we finally see one, we show it to her, point at it, and sign for bird.

Last night when it was dark and it was time for bed, she wanted to go bird hunting! Crazy kids…

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Anonymous said...

I had to share another observation...

We had to cut back on the signing with Nathan, when he was about 2.

He was signing more than talking, and we wanted him to focus on using his words. It worked great, now he talks up a storm and still uses a few signs (mostly the one for "more").

I am not sure if you have heard of "conductive education", but they helped us a ton. It is a very intesive physical therapy, but they focus on all aspects.

We went to Michigan, since that is the only place in the US to get this type of therapy.

I cna give you a link if you wish, I don't want to seem like I am selling something - just giving resources.