Friday, March 10, 2006

Preemie Clothing

For those of us who have had preemies at one point, we know the difficulty in finding quality clothing in tiny sizes.

I came upon a press release for a company that sells preemie clothing.

“Preemies are exceptional babies,” says one mother. “Why should they have to settle for less than exceptional clothes?” ANNA’S says they don’t have to, and proves it by showcasing a wide range of patent pending designs geared toward preemie comfort. Each piece is made of combed Peruvian cotton and is expertly stitched so seams aren’t a bother. Scratchy tags won’t be found inside any ANNA’S garment, but outside and out of the way. No longer do preemies have to contend with an endless jumble of wires and tubes snaking over their bodies. Instead, small enclosures located on the sides of garments provide housing for leads and keep them out of tiny hands. Panel openings on the fronts of garments allow baby to lie in uninterrupted rest while access to his body is a breeze. Both caregiver and baby are relieved at how little movement of the baby is required in everyday care.

Darsie didn't wear much clothing when she was in the NICU, but when she finally was able to, we had to scramble for clothing. Luckily for us, a family that had been in the NICU when D first arrived gave us a HUGE bag of preemie clothes.

When D came home, she was weighing close to 5 lbs., but she was still very tiny. She wore her preemie gear for about a month and then graduated to newborn clothes. She didn't get into 0-3 forever. In fact, she is still able to wear some of her 0-3 onesies.

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